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With circuit breaker measures extended and school holidays brought forward, Audioplay has fast-tracked its launch into Singapore, to support families with active screen-free entertainment.

“Keeping kids entertained is difficult at the best of times” said Audioplays’ CEO Gemma Pepper, “having kids confined to the house for such a long period is especially challenging for families. We really wanted to help families in Singapore, so we have brought forward our launch. The Audioplay iOS app will be available from May 1st with Episode 1 of The Turners free to try.”

Audioplay is an exciting new technology that combines old-school creative play with high-quality audio. Designed for 6 to12 year olds it gives kids a highly active screen-free entertainment experience. How does it work? Kids put on headphones, step into the story and become the characters, physically playing out the action. With Audioplay blanket forts and cushion rafts become the centre of epic adventures, that put kids at the heart of the story.

Audioplay’s experiences are designed for two players, playing in the same room. So it’s great for siblings or for parents to play with their kids. “My 8 year old totally loved it and was in character,” said one parent “As a parent it was great to watch them being so immersed.”

As well as being physically active, Audioplay experiences encourage creativity, teamwork and develop a sense of empathy, as kids can experience the stories from different characters points of view.

Audioplay has been developed in Australia by professional theatre makers. “We love creating amazing experiences for our audiences” said writer/director Zoe Pepper “we aim for immersive, high-quality storytelling that is straight up fun for kids.”

Audioplay will be available for download from the App Store Singapore from May 1.

  1. iOS available from the App Store 1 May

  2. The Turners Episode 1 available free

  3. Android App will be released later in May

CEO Gemma Pepper is available for interviews, please contact

A boy crouches behind a chair, smiling, whilst wearing headphones. Three other kids crouch nearby.
Credit - David Collins, The Turners



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