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The Turners Artwork
The Turners

Leo and Abbie aren’t ordinary kids, they’re Turners, a secret species that morph from human to animal.

Illustrated scene from The Turners
  • AGE SUITABILITY: 6-12 yo

  • LANGUAGE: English

Being a Turner is hectic, one minute you’re hanging with your sister, the next you’ve been taken hostage by half-snake, half-human creatures.

Leo and Abbie aren’t ordinary kids, they’re Turners, a secret species that morphs from human to animal and now they’ve found themselves at the centre of a global plot to annihilate their kind… Things are getting wild!

Embrace the animal within with this immersive action adventure. With a pair of headphones and a mobile device, you become Leo and Abbie,on a mission to uncover a plot to destroy their species whilst coming to terms with their new found powers. The Turners invites you into a thrilling, roller coaster ride of a story, embracing the magic of your own imagination and creative play.

The preparation and delivery of the installation was seamless and surprisingly very easy.






Based on the book series “The Turners” written by Mick Elliott
Director – Zoe Pepper
Writers – Zoe Pepper & Adriane Daff
Composer – Jethro Woodward (4 Player)
Sound Design & Edit – Brainestorm Studios
Technical Lead – Arie Wilsher
Voice Performers – Liam Graham (Leo), Emily Rose Brennan (Abbie), Andrea Gibbs (Rattle), Ben Sutton (Boa), Igor Sas, Tegan Mulvany, Henry Inglis
Set Design – Gemma Pepper
Producer – Gemma Pepper

Illustrations – Douglas Holgate


This project has been supported by the Australian Government through Creative Australia, its arts funding and advisory body and by LOFT, an initiative of The Blue Room Theatre, supported by the Western Australian Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries.

The Turners Logo Lockup
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