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AUDIOPLAY LAUNCHES with THE TURNERS this holiday season!

Audioplay has launched its ground-breaking new platform with the premiere of The Turners. The release marks an exciting new development in audio-based entertainment, bridging the gap between the digital and physical world to create an entirely new form of media. Designed for 6 to 12 year olds, the interactive audio series encourages highly physical imaginative play, giving kids a rich new way to experience stories without screens.

Audioplay’s premiere series is based on the book trilogy, The Turners, written by one of Australia’s funniest kids’ authors, Mick Elliott. Through the Audioplay experience kids physically play as the lead characters – Abbie and Leo, acting out high-stakes action adventures. “The Audioplay team have done an amazing job putting this together” said Elliott, “Just seeing the words they wrote on the page actually coming to life and being acted out by kids, some of whom don’t even know the books to begin with and they walk away just buzzing. It’s absolutely incredible!”.

The Audioplay team have showcased a 4-player version of the experience at children’s festivals around Australia including Awesome Children’s Festival in Perth and Sydney Writers’ Festival. “It’s been a challenging process to get it right,” said Co-Founder and Producer Gemma Pepper, “but you know you’ve nailed it when kids drag their families across town to play two days in a row!”

As well as the 4-player Turners experience for festivals there are 4x 2 player episodes for kids to play at home. Each episode is fifteen minutes long, taking kids on a wild adventure without leaving their lounge room.

The talented team behind Audioplay have applied their extensive experience creating live performance to the tech world, with astounding results. Led by acclaimed writer/director Zoe Pepper (The Irresistible, HIR) The Turners incorporates sound design by multi-award winning Brainestorme Studios and original composition by Jamie Messenger (Neighbours, Hilltop Hoods – Drinking From The Sun, Walking Under Stars Restrung) and Jethro Woodward (The Turning, Van Dieman’s Land). Through the Audioplay platform the team delivers experiences rich with sweeping scores and nail-biting sound effects direct to kids, who can step into the story and play in their own homes.

Audioplay’s first release is designed for iOS with an Android app to follow shortly. The first episode of The Turners is free with Episodes 1 and 2 available through the App Store now.

Episode 1            Out Now (Free) Episode 2            Out Now Episode 3            Released 10 Jan Episode 4            Released 24 Jan



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