THE VIPERMEN – Episode 1

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Leo and Abbie are forced to make a quick getaway when some unwelcome visitors stop by.

Leo is just getting used to his new skills so Abbie gives him a masterclass in how turning works. The last thing they need is to be chased by some half-snake, half-human creatures.


Being a Turner is hectic, one minute you’re hanging with your sister, the next you’ve been taken hostage by half-snake, half-human creatures. 

Leo and Abbie aren’t ordinary kids, they’re Turners, a secret species that morphs from human to animal and now they’ve found themselves at the centre of a global plot to annihilate their kind… Things are getting wild!


Age Suitability:             6-12 year olds
Players:                           2 players
Run Time:                      15 mins
Where to play:              Best played in the bedroom or living room
Price:                                 FREE!


Headphone White BG

2x pairs of headphones – 1 for each player

Phone White BG

2x devices – 1 for each player
(iOS and/or Android)

Chairs 3 White BG

2x chairs

Blanket2 White BG

1x large blanket (ideally Queen size)

Rad play time, not iPad, real life fun 🙂

Audioplay takes kids into their imagination running around the house / backyard with real play.



The Turners is based on Mick Elliott’s fabulous book series of the same name. If you want to experience more adventures with Abbie and Leo why not get the books – there are three in the series to keep you busy reading!

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Based on the book series “The Turners” written by Mick Elliott
Director – Zoe Pepper
Writers – Zoe Pepper & Adriane Daff
Composer – Jethro Woodward (4 Player, Ep 1) & Jamie Messenger (Ep 2-4)
Sound Design & Edit – Brainestorm Studios
Voice Performers – Liam Graham (Leo), Emily Rose Brennan (Abbie) Adriane Daff (Abbie), Andrea Gibbs (Rattle), Ben Sutton (Boa), Igor Sas, Tegan Mulvany, Henry Inglis
Set Design – Gemma Pepper
Producer – Gemma Pepper

Illustrations – Douglas Holgate

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