Are there experiences for just one player?

We are working on it! We are making a new experience just for one player, so sign up for our news and we’ll let you know when it’s ready to play.

I don't get it, how do I play?

Audioplay is an interactive experience where you physically play as a character in the story. Once you have your props together, you and your friends pick a character each. Each player will hear their own distinct instructions.  Follow along to the instructions/audio that you hear. It can be quite physical, so be ready to jump up and move. Be big, be bold and most importantly, have fun!

Can parents play too?

Yes! We love it when parents put on their headphones and play!

We don't have enough players, can we still play?

The action does rely on all the characters being played for it to make sense and the app will only play once enough devices are signed in. If you’re short of people, parents and adults can play too.

Where should we play?

For each experience we have suggested the type of space best suited to the experience but it’s up to you as to where you want to play. Remember you will need space to move around easily and you should always be mindful of any potential hazards in the space where you are playing.

We don't have all the equipment, can we still play?

If you are missing one or two of the objects you can substitute with something else that you do have, just make sure that all players know what the object is meant to be in the story/instructions.

Do I need to purchase the same episode on all devices that are playing?

No. In order to play a premium episode only one of the devices needs to have purchased the episode. That device can then invite other devices to play the experience through the “JOIN A FRIENDS GAME” button. The experience will also work if multiple devices are using purchased episodes.

The game stopped mid-way through, whats going wrong?

Audioplay uses your WiFi network to make sure the audio on all the devices stays synchronized whilst you’re playing. If your WiFi signal is weak it can lead to drop-outs whilst playing. We recommend that you have the latest version of the app downloaded and if the WiFi is a persistent issue you can use a mobile phone to create a WiFi hotspot close to where you’re playing. This doesn’t need to be connected to the internet and so won’t impact your data usage.